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This game can predict your personality! Was your destiny decided at birth? Find out now!
Plays : 4853 Fans : 3
Help the priests and devils to cross the river.If the priests are out numbered by the devils on either side of the river they get killed.
Plays : 4423 Fans : 2
A cool little 3D puzzle game where you push crates into their designated places.
Plays : 3581 Fans : 2
It's all a dream...Make the pictures match, naturally.
Plays : 3905 Fans : 2
Build a unobstructed road from the start to finish to complete the level.
Plays : 3837 Fans : 1
Clear the numbers from the board by the power of your mathmatical mind!
Plays : 14824 Fans : 1
Help this frog finding his way to the fly, in 50 challenging levels.
Plays : 3977 Fans : 1
Clicking on a piece will change all pieces of that colour, so choose carefully because you have a limited number of clicks.
Plays : 3879 Fans : 1
Get the block to fall into the square hole to progress to the game.
Plays : 4807 Fans : 1
Simply tap the puzzle pieces to move them into the correct places to complete the picture.
Plays : 4887 Fans : 1
Try to be the best puzzle freak on the planet and show the world just how brainy you.
Plays : 4238 Fans : 1
click on the items, the customer asks you. Make your hotel a popular one
Plays : 9591 Fans : 1
Jump around on platforms as you try to make it threw each unique level in this strange puzzle game.
Plays : 3980 Fans : 1
Explode your way through ten levels of capsule popping fun in either the classic or super-tough capnpuzzle mode!
Plays : 5467 Fans : 1
Follow Jack to trick or treat, see if you can spot the differences!
Plays : 3782 Fans : 1
Knock the green blocks off without knocking off the red blocks.
Plays : 7354 Fans : 1
The objective of Isoball is to roll a ball into a hole by creating a track with blocks.
Plays : 1984 Fans : 1
Arrange the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same color in a row.Try to get it and move to the next level.
Plays : 6046 Fans : 0
Arrange the puzzle properly and solve the problem.
Plays : 4061 Fans : 0
The object of the game is to find the warp square on each level.Gently tap the up the button to keep suspenden in air and slowly start to ues keys.
Plays : 4426 Fans : 0
Neutralize bigman's henchmen, get control of the missile.Get inside bigman's compound, deal to bigman and escape the compound.
Plays : 4080 Fans : 0
Double click on the first square of a word to toggle between down and across.
Plays : 3842 Fans : 0
The object of the game is to push the blocks into the yellow holes.Extar points are awarded for speed and the amount steps used to finish the level.
Plays : 4298 Fans : 0
Click left or press space bar to throw the block.You have to lift the block at the top and complete the level.
Plays : 6570 Fans : 0