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Meet the girls and give smart answers for their questions.
Plays : 8862 Fans : 3
Answer the questions and find out what type of boy will be your dream date.
Plays : 11245 Fans : 3
Find out and kiss your lover among the other people who resemble your lover.
Plays : 9092 Fans : 3
Is your relationship is breaking you down? Well then it?s time to break up & move on! But are you up to it? Play the Break-Up game & find out!
Plays : 18005 Fans : 2
Select the character and play the game with your belove one.
Plays : 15143 Fans : 2
Make the guy to kiss the cute girls before he revert to original appearance.
Plays : 7820 Fans : 2
Help the girl to clear all the coins and discover the ring before time expires.
Plays : 7539 Fans : 1
It's raining kisses, catch enough kisses and you could get an actual kiss from the hot cheerleaders.
Plays : 13850 Fans : 1
Who's the valentine that melts your heart? Play the game and fill your heart with love!!!
Plays : 6885 Fans : 1
Kissing is an art and it's time for you to master it. Get yourself an Ace in this Kiss Chemistry.
Plays : 9171 Fans : 1
Put your senses to the test & spot the Beach Differences.
Plays : 5931 Fans : 1
Your goal is to steal as many kisses as you can with your sweetheart.
Plays : 6139 Fans : 1
Click and hold the tree to enable them to make love. Make them love completely before time runs out.
Plays : 5472 Fans : 1
You'll need your reflexes to flirt with all the boys who go to the restaurant where you work without getting caught.
Plays : 5395 Fans : 1
Find your way to your love collectiong all hearts in your way.
Plays : 5443 Fans : 0
Put on your best pout.Get out there and earn your degree as the best pecker in the world.
Plays : 6238 Fans : 0
Help Arnold to discover his dream and see where it takes him.
Plays : 11029 Fans : 0
Set your love free with a kiss that must fly all the way to your darling.
Plays : 5764 Fans : 0
Help cupid pin some alien hearts in his mission of intergalactic love.Help him spread the happy feeling in zero gravity.
Plays : 6034 Fans : 0
Click and drag your mouse to draw lines and move character on the lines, avoid obstacles and collect gifts to impress her.
Plays : 7608 Fans : 0
Nothing can come between him and his love. Gear up and help out the world's smartest lover boy!
Plays : 9105 Fans : 0
Rapunzel and her prince are in love,but the witch prevent them from meeting.This evening,the charming prince will overcome difficulties to have a sweet date with his honey.He needs your help,go to help him!
Plays : 8512 Fans : 0
This young couple are in love and so are going on a ride on their bicycle.
Plays : 5539 Fans : 0
Before the office close you ahve to win the heart of the lady with 200 kisses. But if you get caught in the process you could get fired.
Plays : 8491 Fans : 0