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Puke the pirates found a treasure map.Help him to run, jump, puke and fart and collect treasure.
Plays : 15793 Fans : 0
Turkeys have been escaped their cages and sre running all over the place.Catch as many as you can within 2 minutes and place them in the truck.
Plays : 9470 Fans : 0
In this Point and Click puzzle you have to find and click misaligned shamrocks back into position.
Plays : 7869 Fans : 0
Follow the instruction and cook turkey with interactive.
Plays : 7648 Fans : 0
A great Easter treat! Cookies baked with jelly beans in them.
Plays : 7529 Fans : 0
Help Santa to chill out and collect the presents as he goes on.
Plays : 7217 Fans : 0
The boy has got a reservation at your hotel for giving the girl a perfect dinner so decor the room now.
Plays : 6980 Fans : 0
Spot the difference in this halloween image before the time runs out.
Plays : 6916 Fans : 0
Color the turkey in this fabulous thanksgiving games.
Plays : 6452 Fans : 1
In Thanksgiving Day,Turkey will be in match also.unfortunately,Chicken Shawshank is grabbed into this competition.Your task is to survive the chicken.Make sure it can be alive until the game is over.
Plays : 6408 Fans : 1
Don't get so scared by this spooky memory game that you forget the patterns!
Plays : 6239 Fans : 0
Colour the easter in your own style.
Plays : 6148 Fans : 1
Have fun this christmas and see how far you can sling shot Santa.
Plays : 5661 Fans : 0
Follow the guide arrow with your mouse to collect the golden coins before time runs out.
Plays : 5661 Fans : 0
Spot all the differences and finally meet your valentine.
Plays : 5592 Fans : 0
Arrange this puzzle in a proper way as quickly as you can.
Plays : 5516 Fans : 2
In the allotted time, find and click on the polygon cut-outs that are shifted out of place.
Plays : 5433 Fans : 0
Help Vampy travel across land and sea, gathering clues along the way.
Plays : 5398 Fans : 0
Rearrange the puzzles to complete this lovely easter game.
Plays : 5347 Fans : 0
Play this valentine game and see how you love with your opponent.
Plays : 5283 Fans : 0
Guide the bunny through various obstacle, collect all the colorful eggs and try to reach the end!
Plays : 5271 Fans : 0
Click as fast as you can and get mor presents this Christmas.
Plays : 5256 Fans : 0
Shoot the hearts as they come towards you. Don't let any get passed you.
Plays : 5256 Fans : 0
Have fun this halloween by shooting the right zoombie at the right time for yourself.
Plays : 5247 Fans : 0