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The famous celebrity Miley Cyrus wants a complete makeover as she will be ready for her new show. Help her out and make her a real beauty one.
Plays : 394810 Fans : 3
Disney princess is ready for out going.Dress up her and fit her for going.
Plays : 73294 Fans : 0
Barbie is going to the prom but before the prom starts she is going to a little party with a few of her friends! Pick out your favorite dress for Barbie to wear, and throw on some jewelry and accessories too!
Plays : 23554 Fans : 2
Dress up this girl in indian style with cool backgrounds and proper make up and look her a nice one.
Plays : 18191 Fans : 1
Set your creativity to action and re decorate everything in this stylish room.
Plays : 17588 Fans : 1
Dress up this indian barbie girl in a stylish manner and make look her a cool and nice one.
Plays : 17151 Fans : 2
Isabella is waiting for dress up in a right manner so that she look like a beautiful princess.
Plays : 15906 Fans : 0
Here is a collection of cool dresses and footwear. Just dress Janet Jackson in the best of outfits.
Plays : 15241 Fans : 1
Dress up this girl in sexy looking style with cool backgrounds and proper make up.
Plays : 12524 Fans : 0
Have a great time, while you dress up the girls in beautiful fashionable clothes.
Plays : 12367 Fans : 0
Play the bratz game and complete the level.Just enjoy the play.
Plays : 11592 Fans : 1
Choose amongst the various gowns in display and dress up the ever gorgeous Barbie.
Plays : 11195 Fans : 0
Just experiment with the wide variety of clothes and do a complete dress makeover.
Plays : 10976 Fans : 0
You are a great tailor on barbie's town.Design a beautiful and perfect dress for the pretty barbie.She trust in you!
Plays : 10953 Fans : 0
Who is your favorite Disney princess? Is it Bella, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, or Mulan? In this makeover game you can create your favorite Disney princess or mix and match hairstyles and clothes from various princesses to create a brand new princess!
Plays : 9955 Fans : 0
Bratz are ready for the party. Just dress up and play the game.
Plays : 9585 Fans : 0
Barbie and her cute dog will have a walk after dinner.She don't want her dog exanimate.So she makes over her cute dog first at home.Help her dressing the cutie up,make the dog more cool and fashion and cute.
Plays : 9447 Fans : 0
Try new hairstyles and makeup on our virtual models or your own. Blend, highlight, mix and match to create a new look.
Plays : 9012 Fans : 1
Do a complete makeover for this gorgeous super star and have fun.
Plays : 8648 Fans : 0
Here is your golden chance to dress Kate Moss in the best of outfit and make her look as cool as ever.
Plays : 8586 Fans : 1
Dress up Ella Moss and make a complete makeover of this beautiful celebrity among the dresses you have.
Plays : 8548 Fans : 0
Keep the dhaba going till the end of the day and serve as many customers as possible.
Plays : 8533 Fans : 1
Makeover the bratz in a cold fashion style. Just select the right piece of clothing for her.
Plays : 8396 Fans : 0
Jacqueline princess want to ready for a new look.Just pick up the right dress for her and make her perfect.
Plays : 8135 Fans : 0