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Who is your favorite Disney princess? Is it Bella, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, or Mulan? In this makeover game you can create your favorite Disney princess or mix and match hairstyles and clothes from various princesses to create a brand new princess!
Plays : 10309 Fans : 0
Barbie is going to the prom but before the prom starts she is going to a little party with a few of her friends! Pick out your favorite dress for Barbie to wear, and throw on some jewelry and accessories too!
Plays : 23897 Fans : 2
Give this silly girl a royal make over and maybe she might become the new princess!
Plays : 7301 Fans : 0
Help the little boy kiss the girl next to him, when the teacher does not see them.
Plays : 4948 Fans : 0
Dress the young teacher with the clothes and collection you have. Also change the backgrounds.
Plays : 4203 Fans : 0
Make this girl comfortable with the clothes you have and ready her for outing.
Plays : 4251 Fans : 0
Dress up Zelia for a days sunning at the tropical beach!
Plays : 4150 Fans : 0
Help Zoe run her Grandpas sandwich shop as a Summer job.
Plays : 4532 Fans : 0
Pick the best for this girl and make her sexy and bold.
Plays : 5046 Fans : 0
What happens to Cinderella and her prince after their grand marriage Well the fairy tale says and sothey all lived happily ever after.
Plays : 5861 Fans : 0
Click, drag and rotate the ramps to construct a pathway to safely guide the spheres into the goal.
Plays : 4611 Fans : 0
Makeover this girl and ready her for outing.
Plays : 4116 Fans : 0
Get through the course and avoid hitting things or falling through cracks.
Plays : 4779 Fans : 0
Nancy is a really cute little girl. Pick the best one for her and complete her makeover.
Plays : 4195 Fans : 0
Make the palace nice and stylish with the collection you have.
Plays : 4385 Fans : 0
Find the bride and take her to the church!
Plays : 4957 Fans : 0
Make a nice dress up for this young girl so that she feel comfortable while outing with her boyfriend.
Plays : 5138 Fans : 0
Just re-arrange everything and bring everything to order and make a new look.
Plays : 5377 Fans : 0
There is this beautiful chibi princess who is about to meet her people. Dress up her now.
Plays : 4895 Fans : 0
Try to be a perfect one while you playing this game as you have to make the farm a real wonderful one.
Plays : 5027 Fans : 0
Hippie styled clothes seem to be making a comeback in some of the clothes of the top fashion designers.
Plays : 3587 Fans : 0
Do a complete makeover for this young lady as she will be go then in to circus.
Plays : 4639 Fans : 0
Nikki is about to leave for her office and she want to look great for a new great business day.
Plays : 3387 Fans : 0
Choose the doll and dress-up in the outfit of your choice.
Plays : 4208 Fans : 0