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Makeup superstar celebrity Anahi.Makeup this superstar celebrity and pick the best one.
Plays : 6489 Fans : 3
It's a time to make a birthday cake, decorate the cake as you like, when you are finished write the address and print.
Plays : 5800 Fans : 3
The famous celebrity Miley Cyrus wants a complete makeover as she will be ready for her new show. Help her out and make her a real beauty one.
Plays : 394597 Fans : 3
Go for a sweet dress up for this doll and make her look nice.
Plays : 4658 Fans : 2
Dress up the cute little baby in your own unique style.
Plays : 4553 Fans : 2
Dress up the girl in a stylish way and have fun while you use your imagination in this dress up game.
Plays : 3795 Fans : 2
Select make up accessories and then click on the face to apply make up.Use tissue to wipe the make up.
Plays : 5710 Fans : 2
Set your imagination to stage and dress this gorgeous looking girl in a unique way.
Plays : 4056 Fans : 2
Make a perfect and delicious salad. Choose a plate and try to make a nice one.
Plays : 5356 Fans : 2
Try out your hands in this dress up game and make Avril Lavigne look ravishing and cool as ever.
Plays : 6162 Fans : 2
Dress up this indian barbie girl in a stylish manner and make look her a cool and nice one.
Plays : 17113 Fans : 2
Be creative and bake some delicious cakes and decorate them for a birthday.
Plays : 5470 Fans : 2
Learn how to make a delicious Italian dish tomato garlic past.
Plays : 7676 Fans : 2
In the castle's gardens the leaves have started to turn colors and it seems to be the beginning of a perfect autumn day.
Plays : 4883 Fans : 2
Barbie is going to the prom but before the prom starts she is going to a little party with a few of her friends! Pick out your favorite dress for Barbie to wear, and throw on some jewelry and accessories too!
Plays : 23400 Fans : 2
A wide collection of bottoms, tops, shoes and bags are in display. Just choose the right one for the girl and outfits her with this game.
Plays : 4691 Fans : 1
Get the girl dressed up for a perfect bride romantic bash.
Plays : 5744 Fans : 1
Serve the customers well and earn maximum score.Donot make the customers wait too long.
Plays : 7901 Fans : 1
Safari mode consists of 6 levels.For each level you will be given a mission and a time limit.Finish all levels to win.
Plays : 5461 Fans : 1
Set the nails in style and do a complete makeover.
Plays : 4852 Fans : 1
Play the bratz game and complete the level.Just enjoy the play.
Plays : 11550 Fans : 1
Decorate cake in this cooking game. A lot of delicious icing to choose from to cook up a cake and make it pretty.
Plays : 4636 Fans : 1
Get ready for a frosty freak out. Build multi scoop sundaes in this ice cream parlour chilling game.
Plays : 8069 Fans : 1
Here is a collection of cool dresses and footwear. Just dress Janet Jackson in the best of outfits.
Plays : 15186 Fans : 1