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Play as Guy in this side scrolling fighter!
Plays : 26049 Fans : 1
A cool Naruto fighting game! Fight many opponenets and upgrade your warrior in a fun action game, Press Continue after you finish watching the intro.
Plays : 11035 Fans : 2
Crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants.
Plays : 9030 Fans : 1
Be the first one to hit the opponent and win the tournament with collecting points.
Plays : 7914 Fans : 1
The goal of the game is to survive and destroy the enemy base.You will also be able to use a special attack and kill them.
Plays : 7815 Fans : 0
Your goal is to fight and survive.Play this fighting game and enjoy yourself.Choose your school also.
Plays : 7156 Fans : 0
Select your armor and your weapon as you battle against another knight.
Plays : 7018 Fans : 0
Your aim in this game is to fight your way through the gates.
Plays : 6515 Fans : 0
Strike your opponent with the most powerful bending move.Hold down, and repeatedly press spacebar to fill the chi bar.
Plays : 6502 Fans : 0
You need to shot your enemies to the head to kill them and complete your mission.
Plays : 6483 Fans : 0
The most popular of the Korean martial arts. Fight out the battel to be the winner.
Plays : 6468 Fans : 4
Play this online fighting games and be the winner. You have to follow the instructions to overcome the mission.
Plays : 6223 Fans : 0
Get ready to fight against your opponent and use spinning kicks and other stunts to beat the enemy.
Plays : 6219 Fans : 0
Fight against the opppnent but be careful so that the other one should not hit you. Play and reach you goal.
Plays : 6086 Fans : 1
Beat up the bad guys in this super fighting game.
Plays : 5936 Fans : 3
Kill your enemy using the most murderous action and skills.Complete one level to enter another one.
Plays : 5876 Fans : 0
Come show the beast in you try to beat you opponent into pulp.
Plays : 5797 Fans : 0
StagKnight is back for more action and he is angry, so he needs to kill as many boyscouts as possible.
Plays : 5671 Fans : 0
Fight against the enemies and survive.Follow the instructions which help you to play this game.
Plays : 5634 Fans : 0
Fight against the enemy.While fighting you have to adjust differents options to survive and kill the enemy.
Plays : 5571 Fans : 1
Kill 10 bugs to complete the level and go the next and atlast reach your mission.
Plays : 5535 Fans : 1
Help the warrior king fight off his enemies.
Plays : 5520 Fans : 3
You will fight against all the character in that movie.
Plays : 5458 Fans : 3
You are a giant armored robot, and you must shoot all that attack you. There are many upgrades and many possible kits to use.
Plays : 5438 Fans : 1