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Celebrity Ashley Tisdale is ready for her makeover. Choose the right one and complete her makeover as she will go to the ramp after this.
Plays : 945550 Fans : 2
Singer as well as Celebrity Shakira needs to get dressed up. Pick out the right dress up and outfit for her.
Plays : 620649 Fans : 4
Kelly Clarkson is a cute model. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories and hair to complete her dressup.
Plays : 402180 Fans : 6
Help Lizzi Mcguire put on some very fashionable clothes. Use zoom in and out for your better application and make her a real nice one.
Plays : 25837 Fans : 0
A beautiful celebrity and fashion dress up is in her blood. Dress Paris Hilton form the collection of dresses, accessories, shoes you have and make a complete makeover.
Plays : 24517 Fans : 0
Choose your animal from the left box and then dress up it perfectly. Choose the perfect animal and then click to choose dress, shoes and other accessories.
Plays : 23565 Fans : 0
Minnie Mouse has a date tonight with Mickey Mouse, help her choose an outfit that will make Mickey happy.
Plays : 19960 Fans : 2
This lovely couple is cute and romantic.Dress up them in romeo and juliet style.
Plays : 19093 Fans : 2
Here is a huge collection of dresses and footwear choose the right dress for model Lindsay Lohan and make her more beautiful.
Plays : 18922 Fans : 2
All the choices are in good taste and the graphics are quite good. My favorite are the hair styles, especially the hair color options. You can first choose a hair cut and then a hair color, both natural and crazy colors!
Plays : 18162 Fans : 4
Dress Up this princess in a lovely and sweet way and her looks a real nice one.
Plays : 16044 Fans : 0
Give Jessica Alba a makeover and try new and different looks and hairstyles!
Plays : 12487 Fans : 2
Dress up tinkerbell in a stylish way as she ready for this one.
Plays : 12086 Fans : 0
Where are you going to come for your holiday this summer? Going to the beach is a good idea, isn't it?
Plays : 10347 Fans : 1
Here is a collection of cool dresses and footwear. Just dress Beyonce in the best of outfits and enjoy the game.
Plays : 10214 Fans : 0
Dress Miley Cyrus in lots of different costumes ready for her next show and make her perfect.
Plays : 10103 Fans : 2
Try out your hands in this dress up game and make your favourite girls look ravishing and cool as ever.
Plays : 10034 Fans : 2
Dress up the gorgeous celebrity star ashley simpson with some real awesome outfits, tops and bottoms. Change her lipstick and hairstyle and get ready for fashion show.
Plays : 9866 Fans : 0
Try out your hands in this dress up game and make a fashionable look for the little cute girls.
Plays : 9271 Fans : 1
Dress up this cute looking girl for marriage.Make her a nice one.
Plays : 9228 Fans : 0
Selena Gomez is a hot actress and model. Dress up her and Change her makeup, hairstyle as you like for best outfit.
Plays : 9199 Fans : 0
You have all the accessories which takes to do a complete fashionable makeover for this lovely girl.
Plays : 9135 Fans : 1
Dress up this fairy in your own imagination among the dresses you ahve and complete the dress up game.
Plays : 9010 Fans : 0
Katy is a famous popstar. Try on different types of make-up and hairstyles, clothes, shoes to complete her makeover.
Plays : 8879 Fans : 0