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All the choices are in good taste and the graphics are quite good. My favorite are the hair styles, especially the hair color options. You can first choose a hair cut and then a hair color, both natural and crazy colors!
Plays : 17619 Fans : 4
Give Jessica Alba a makeover and try new and different looks and hairstyles!
Plays : 12004 Fans : 2
With your help Tessa and Tom will look lovely on their wedding.
Plays : 7621 Fans : 0
Dress up in your nurse and do a complete makeover of her.
Plays : 7214 Fans : 1
Dress the gothic vampire sisters in stylish outfits!
Plays : 6716 Fans : 1
Zac Efron is one of the biggest teen stars in America. Dress up as well as do a complete makeover of him.
Plays : 4379 Fans : 1
It is your chance of dressing the king of pop himself! be ready to do that.
Plays : 6704 Fans : 1
Discover the fabulous magical world of Sonic the Hedgehog! Have fun with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Plays : 6339 Fans : 2
Dress Ray as cool as possible!
Plays : 4368 Fans : 1
This the season to be jolly! Or blonde or brunette, pick up the perfect one to dress up him.
Plays : 4250 Fans : 1
Dress this girl in clothes and make me look pretty and stylish for her weeding.
Plays : 4826 Fans : 0
Fashion fashion fashion! Model on the runway with your best outfit and watch the crowd cheer and go wild.
Plays : 5307 Fans : 1
Glitter fairy is getting dressed up for a night out. Help her out!
Plays : 5003 Fans : 0
Your job is to make this cute young girl look perfect because her boyfriend asked her our for dinner in a fancy restaurant.
Plays : 5874 Fans : 0
Ever wanted to be a stylist to the stars? Try here to dress up this celebrity.
Plays : 4370 Fans : 1
Dress up the lovely,cute and phantasmagoric pig.
Plays : 4410 Fans : 1
Dress up this boy in something really cool! Have fun with A super cool Boy.
Plays : 5119 Fans : 0
Dress up this sexy alien girl and get her ready for intergalactic battle. Click to choose the best outfit for her.
Plays : 8287 Fans : 0
Help Amy to feed, bathe and groom the animals that come to her pet care center.
Plays : 4848 Fans : 0
Give the young girl winter fashionable look so that she looks like a glamarous one.
Plays : 5534 Fans : 1
Dress up this little girl in a beautiful bridal outfit.
Plays : 4477 Fans : 0
Young girl is waiting for you as she needs your help for her dress up.
Plays : 4426 Fans : 1
Choose clothes from the spinning racks and let Nikki to go for the fashion show.
Plays : 6645 Fans : 0
Do a fabulous makeover to this young gorgeous girl for valentine date party with her boyfriend.
Plays : 5236 Fans : 1