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Kelly Clarkson is a cute model. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories and hair to complete her dressup.
Plays : 402161 Fans : 6
Singer as well as Celebrity Shakira needs to get dressed up. Pick out the right dress up and outfit for her.
Plays : 620568 Fans : 4
All the choices are in good taste and the graphics are quite good. My favorite are the hair styles, especially the hair color options. You can first choose a hair cut and then a hair color, both natural and crazy colors!
Plays : 18151 Fans : 4
Avril Lavigne, the beautiful singer wants to be dress up in proper way. Help her to choose the best outfit.
Plays : 7488 Fans : 3
Dress up this cute ducky as you like.
Plays : 5421 Fans : 3
Angelina and her boyfriend have a dating tonight. She always images the case of her first kiss he gave her. It is a very exciting moment. Now they?re all waiting for you to dress up and make them match perfect.
Plays : 8582 Fans : 3
This lovely couple is cute and romantic.Dress up them in romeo and juliet style.
Plays : 19090 Fans : 2
Celebrity Ashley Tisdale is ready for her makeover. Choose the right one and complete her makeover as she will go to the ramp after this.
Plays : 945469 Fans : 2
Minnie Mouse has a date tonight with Mickey Mouse, help her choose an outfit that will make Mickey happy.
Plays : 19959 Fans : 2
Here is a huge collection of dresses and footwear choose the right dress for model Lindsay Lohan and make her more beautiful.
Plays : 18920 Fans : 2
Penelope Cruz is ready for dressing. She couldnot decide what to wear for the outing, can you help her for that? Try Now.
Plays : 6133 Fans : 2
Try out your hands in this dress up game and make your favourite girls look ravishing and cool as ever.
Plays : 10031 Fans : 2
Karin is just and regular middle school undergraduate. Dress up her now and make her beautiful.
Plays : 8019 Fans : 2
Dress Miley Cyrus in lots of different costumes ready for her next show and make her perfect.
Plays : 10102 Fans : 2
This is a comprehensive salon for the beauties. You can do your make-up and design your own fashion. All the beauties rush here to find a style that suits them well including Mary, Jenny and Lucy.
Plays : 7774 Fans : 2
Enjoy a wonderful song while you dress up the Turkish pop singer. Choose a cool shirt and some pants and do not forget about the designer watches or jewelries he loves so much.
Plays : 3830 Fans : 2
Dress up cute pate Nini as you like.
Plays : 4195 Fans : 2
Dress up and put makeup on all four of them.
Plays : 6965 Fans : 2
Is Tom and Jerry your favorite cartoon movie? Dressing up Tom to make him cuter and have better.
Plays : 4418 Fans : 2
Select the dresses, hairs, shoes and other accessories to complete the dress up for this young fashionable girl.
Plays : 4475 Fans : 2
Help the boy to dress up properly.
Plays : 4364 Fans : 2
Dress up Ben Tennyson, aka Ben 10, the animated TV series super hero.
Plays : 5996 Fans : 2
Johnny and Claire are two talented actors. Right now they have to play the role of a gangster couple in a action movie. So dress up them.
Plays : 5767 Fans : 2
Discover the fabulous magical world of Sonic the Hedgehog! Have fun with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Plays : 6510 Fans : 2