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You must fill empty space and capture ghosts by building wall.If ghosts catch you will lose one life.
Plays : 7991 Fans : 3
A science professor who stumbles upon a major discovery while on an expedition in iceland with his nephew on a thrilling journey.
Plays : 7295 Fans : 2
You can win your very own, vintage pinball table by playing 7up pinball.
Plays : 4587 Fans : 1
Click and hold, left mouse button to go up, release to go down.
Plays : 8035 Fans : 1
Your goal in this online game is to make the biggest and heaviest snowball ever.
Plays : 5190 Fans : 1
Help Jerry the giraffe eat all the apples in the tree without getting his neck in a knot.
Plays : 4819 Fans : 1
Break the bricks at different levels and collect the points. Don't let a ball touch the ground.
Plays : 4640 Fans : 1
Take shots of the celebs at different spots around town.
Plays : 5097 Fans : 1
Help the hungry monkey to satisfy its hunger by catching sweet bananas that are falling from the trees of the jungle.
Plays : 4919 Fans : 1
play the game and have fun.
Plays : 7203 Fans : 1
Try to escape from jail avoiding the guards and his search light! Make sure you don't get caught.
Plays : 4595 Fans : 1
Feeling lucky today? Try your luck in this popular game show!
Plays : 4981 Fans : 1
Get across the other side and into the slots.
Plays : 4277 Fans : 1
You have to get the cute puppy through lots of levels and complete the game.
Plays : 5781 Fans : 1
Freeze and eliminate all the robots in order to reach the next level.
Plays : 3926 Fans : 1
Place the balls in their respective lands to complete the levels.
Plays : 4091 Fans : 1
Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them!
Plays : 4550 Fans : 1
Move your keys to attack the enemies and kill them and complete the levels.
Plays : 5234 Fans : 0
Defend key territories from an onslaught of merciless droids as you struggle to protect the precious resources you have left.
Plays : 5329 Fans : 0
Blast the castel out while you playing this game and complete the levels.
Plays : 4734 Fans : 0
Just aim the cannon using the cursor keys and space to fire.
Plays : 8107 Fans : 0
Play this game with great attention and overcome the difficulties and reach your goal.
Plays : 5491 Fans : 0
Frozone got his super suit and is on his way to do some super deeds. Help him to go through the roof tops of city.
Plays : 5741 Fans : 0
Use mouse to move girl, left click to attack the bad guys and collect points.
Plays : 8380 Fans : 0